Contributor Guidelines


Our audience will consist of the metadata creation and management community. While we expect most of our readers to come from the ALA membership, we also want Metaware to be a bridge between ALA and metadata management communities in other disciplines, such as cultural heritage and research data management.


Metadata Standards, Trends, and Activities

  • New contributors will have a one-on-one conversation with a sitting editor from the ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee (MSC) to discuss topics and editorial guidelines.
  • Contributors will write a minimum of three original posts during their three to four month term.
  • Topics must be approved for the first two posts. Contributors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their work.
  • Post Categories:
    • Analysis: Longform discussions of a topics of interest in the metadata community, such as standards development, collaborations with archives, museums, and other metadata communities, and new technologies.
    • Editorial: Opinion pieces for sharing personal observations related to metadata practice, including conference and webinar reports, and for official business of the Metadata Standards Committee.
    • Review: Reviews of books, tools for metadata creation, and other resources of relevance to the metadata community.
    • Re-Post: All external content re-posted through PressForward.


  • Analysis, Editorials and Reviews: 500-1000 words.
  • Contributors may opt to write brief commentary on re-posted material.


There will be one round of editing with an MSC editor for all original work. Additional rounds of editing may be also be possible by mutual agreement between the contributor and MSC editor. The MSC editor may suggest changes for punctuation (required), grammar (required), style (optional) or content (optional). Contributors may choose whether or not to accept suggested changes for style and content as those are entirely optional.


Contributors should use images with a Creative Commons or Public Domain license in all original work.


  • Publish one original post every four weeks:
    • Three weeks writing.
    • One week editing with MSC editor.
    • Choose a Monday or Tuesday deadline.
  • Nominate 2-3 PressForward re-posts per week:
    • Guest editors may nominate posts at any time.
    • MSC editors will publish re-posts on a Thursday or Friday.
  • Add new RSS feeds to PressForward.


  • PressForward Feeds:
    • Contributors may nominate content for publication.
    • MSC editors will edit, approve & post content.
  • Other Websites:
    • Contributors may nominate web content with the Nominate This bookmarklet.
    • MSC editors will edit, approve, & post content.


Promotional links to personal projects or products related to metadata practice may be included as part of original posts. Re-posts to personal websites or products will be vetted by the MSC editors.