The goal of the Metadata Standards Committee’s (MSC) public information site, metaware.buzz, is to inform and engage the metadata community through resource sharing, analysis and discussion.  The broad focus on metadata includes standards,  best practices, current trends, and innovative use cases that advance research and practice in the metadata community. Our primary community includes practitioners and researchers in the library, archive, museum and school communities.

The site will be curated/edited first by MSC members and later by the wider metadata community.  This may include contributors from the Metadata Interest Group, the CAMMS Education group(s), and the Linked Data Interest Group as well as other community members.  Engaging library school students may be another avenue for finding future contributors.

The scope of the site includes republishing of content (e.g. gathering of tweets or news items/websites) for posting.  In-depth articles or analysis of content or topics are acceptable and may even be a part of an outreach effort.

Twitter handle @metawarebuzz