MSC / Metadata Interest Group presentation ALA 2017

At ALA Annual, 2017 Jenn Riley, Lauren Corbett, Erik Mitchell and Michael Bolam presented the case study from the MSC evaluation of NISO standard tag suite standard at the ALCTS Metadata Interst Group meeting

The group shared their experience from applying the evaluation standards against the NISO tag suite as well as lessons learned and thinking about how to approach this type of work in the future.  Links to the presentation and evaluation guidelines are included below.

The discussion within the IG presentation focused on how the principles could be applied and how the community overall could provide feedback to standards communities.  One idea from the floor was to have some type of coordinated event, a webinar or other similar meeting, to provide background and context on the standard.  The discussion highlighted the value of targeted as well as comprehensive feedback and reaffirmed the notion that having a group purposefully provide feedback is a step in the right direction.  Suggested future standards to evaluate include an upcoming DPLA application profile refresh.

The discussion also included a reference to a recently released NISO technical report that explored, among other things, the notion of semantic versioning and how such an idea could influence principle 7 (progressive enhancement / graceful degradation)


MSC evaluation guidelines


Erik MItchell is the Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Collaborative Services at the University of California, Berkeley

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