Building a Metadata Community

I recently returned from the 2014 International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications in Austin, Texas, where I had the opportunity to mingle with a distinguished group of metadata minds. As a relatively new professional in the field, I was able to participate in the Next Generation Metadata Specialist Program that brought new professionals to DCMI to learn more about the history of Dublin Core as a metadata standard from those who helped shape it from the start.

The morning special session on the first day was a highlight of the conference as DCMI veterans took turns sharing their stories about the early days of metadata for the Web and how Dublin Core took shape in response to the need for a lightweight standard that could accommodate a variety of use cases. A common theme from those stories was that developing a standard is largely about conversations that take place within a community, often in conference center hallways and dimly lit bars; and that process is much more productive when the community is a friendly place that welcomes new ideas.

Over time, that is what we hope to accomplish with this project,, by providing a platform for the exchange of ideas about the theory and practice of metadata. We encourage you all to get involved and join the conversation!

Andrew Weidner @metaweidner

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  1. Jennifer Liss says:

    I love that Eric Miller kicked off the conference talking about community. The slides from his keynote presentation are online, as are most of the presentations from DC-2014 Austin. Congrats on being selected as a Next Gen Metadata Specialist, Andrew! I forward to reading your paper.

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